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  • Ultra fine denier 20D for medical sutures
Name:Ultra fine denier 20D for medical sutures Date:2022-04-14 Description:

Product Introduction

Raw silk specifications(D)

twist range(T/M)

Twist direction

Twisting method




dry process


The purpose and purpose of twisting
Twisted yarn is the process of twisting a single or stranded thread (multiple threads intertwined) to obtain a certain twist direction and number of twists.
According to the requirements of the finished fabric specifications, changing the appearance effect or physical and mechanical properties of the silk thread through the twisting process can not only improve the weaving and processing performance of the silk thread, but also meet the requirements of the appearance and different uses of the fabric.
(1) Increase the strength and wear resistance of silk threads to reduce pilling and breakage, and improve the fastness of silk fabrics.
(2) To give silk thread a certain shape or color, giving the appearance of the fabric effects such as refraction, wrinkles, loops, knots, etc.
(3) Increase the elasticity of the silk thread, improve the wrinkle resistance and breathability of the fabric, and make it cool and comfortable to wear.