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Jiangsu PTC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in the Research and Development of High Performance Fiber application and production & sales of High Performance Fiber applied products, including all kinds of Ultra high molecular polyethene fiber (UHMWPE) twisted yarn and fabric, Para-aramid fiber twisted yarn and fabric, etc.High performance fiber applied materia......

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    Our vision

    To Become the World’s Best Service Provider in High Performance Fiber Applications

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    Our mission

    To Provide Safer, More Comfortable and Superior High Performance Fiber fabrics and Composite Materials for Customers

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    Our core values

    Develop Driven by Innovation, Win-Win Cooperation with Sincerity

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    Our tenet

    Promoting Development with Scientific and Technological Innovation and Advancing with Outstanding Quality

The company has always adhered to the tenet of promoting development with scientific and technological innovation , and promoting survival with excellent quality , committed to the research and development , production and promotion of..

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