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  • Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plain woven fabric 90gsm (flame retardant)
Name:Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plain woven fabric 90gsm (flame retardant) Date:2022-04-14 Description:

Product: Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fabric (anti cut fabric, plain weave fabric, twill fabric, woven fabric, industrial fabric)
Colors: White, Black, Red, etc. (customizable)
Specifications: 35gsm/70gsm/90gsm/130gsm/160gsm/180gsm/200gsm/220gsm/320gsm/400gsm
1. High specific strength and high specific modulus. The specific strength is more than ten times that of steel wires with the same cross-section, and the specific modulus is only second to high-grade carbon fibers.
2. The fiber density is low and can float on the water surface.
3. Low fracture elongation, high fracture work, and strong energy absorption ability, thus possessing outstanding impact resistance and cutting resistance.
4. Anti UV radiation, anti neutron, and γ Radiation has high energy absorption, low dielectric constant, and high electromagnetic wave transmittance.
5. Chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and long flexural life.
Good insulation performance
Physical performance:
1. Density: 0.97g/cm3. It has a lower density than water and can float on it.
2. Strength: 2.8-4N/tex.
3. Initial modulus: 1300~1400cN/dtex.
4. Elongation at break: ≤ 3.0%.
5. Wide range of cold and heat resistance: able to maintain a certain mechanical strength at -60 ° C, with a heat resistance temperature range of 80-100 ° C, repeated temperature differences, and unchanged quality of use.
6. The impact absorption energy is nearly twice that of aromatic amide fibers, with good wear resistance and low friction coefficient, but the melting point under stress is only 145-160 ℃.
Strength retention rate after soaking in solvent for six months
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber
Aramid fiber
one hundred
one hundred
10% detergent
one hundred
one hundred
one hundred
one hundred
Glacial acetic acid
one hundred
1M hydrochloric acid
one hundred
5M sodium hydroxide
one hundred
Clorox solution
Comparison of processing performance of several high-performance fibers
Baidu Hi_ May 6, 2019_ 14-16-40
Usage: Helmets, bulletproof vests, stab proof clothing, stab proof shoe soles, outdoor equipment, personal protective equipment, etc
Due to the excellent impact resistance and high energy absorption of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers, they can be used in military applications to make protective clothing, helmets, and bulletproof materials, such as armor plates for helicopters, tanks, and ships, radar protective casings, missile covers, bulletproof vests, stab proof vests, shields, etc. Among them, the application of bulletproof vests is the most eye-catching, with the advantages of softness and better bulletproof effects than aramid, It has now become the main fiber occupying the market for bulletproof vests in the United States.
The specific impact load value U/p of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber composite material is 10 times that of steel and more than twice that of glass fiber and aramid. Bulletproof and riot helmets made of resin composite materials reinforced with this fiber have become substitutes for steel helmets and aramid reinforced composite helmets abroad.
In sports equipment, safety helmets, snowboards, sail boards, fishing rods, rackets and bicycles, gliders, ultra lightweight aircraft components, etc. have been made, and their performance advantages are obvious compared to traditional materials.
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